Term of Sale

Updated: 2020, 30th of July

1. General

SPH Engineering, SIA is a company registered in the Republic of Latvia (registration number 50103629321) with its registered seat at Dzirnavu street 62-9, Riga, LV1050, Latvia (“SPH Engineering") and a customer (the “Customer") have entered or are about to enter into a contractual relationship (the “Relationship“) for the supply of certain services and products (the “Product(s)“) available on the online shop https://atlas.ugcs.com ("atlas.ugcs.com") managed by SPH Engineering.

2. Payment options
The payment methods accepted by atlas.ugcs.com are those mentioned on the Website or in the Invoice or Quotation.

2.1. Payment with a payment card
The card payment acquirer Safecharge enables the option to make a payment with MasterCard, VISA or American Express cards and AliPay. After the choice of product to be purchased and entering basic Customer data (Name, Surname, e-mail, address), the Customer is transferred to the card acquirer to finalize the card payment transaction. Card data is not gathered nor stored on atlas.ugcs.com or any other sites owned by SPH Engineering.

2.2 Payment via PayPal
After the choice of product to be purchased Customer is transferred to PayPal to finalize the payment transaction. PayPal data is not gathered nor stored on atlas.ugcs.com or any other sites owned by SPH Engineering.

2.3 Payment by wire transfer
Subscriptions can't be payed by wire-transfer. To pay for onsite deployment by wire transfer send an email to support@ugcs.com to receive an Invoice issued by SPH Engineering.

3. Purchase Agreement Types
There are possible two Agreement Types for UgCS software license codes:
1. Cloud based solution purchased as Subscription-based license billed monthly
2. On-premises installation

3.1. Subscriptions
ATLAS Subscription enables the user to use the full functionality of a particular plan of ATLAS. The amount stated during the purchase is billed monthly. This is an Annual Subscription billed Monthly. Subscriptions include a 14-day TRIAL period, which means, that after the successful creation of the Subscription Customer will get access for the subscribed plan' s functionality of ATLAS for the 14day TRIAL period and following for 1 (one) month after each successful payment if Customer doesn't Unsubscribe before any monthly charge.

Subscription begins as soon as the Customer's initial subscription is processed and activated. The Customer will be charged every month for the duration of 1 year the rate stated at the time of purchase. All plans and prices are published on atlas.ugcs.com/subscription.
The Customer's contract is valid for 1 year and will automatically prolong for 1 more year until Customer cancels subscription = unsubscribes.

Subscription Cancellation = Unsubscribing
To Unsubscribe = to Cancel the plan two options are avaliable:
  • in your ATLAS profile go to Manage organisation -> Subscription and click on the Cancel plan
  • sending a request to support@ugcs.com from the e-mail associated with the purchase.
Customer can unsubscribe at any time with no cancellation fees!
  • If the Customers unsubscribes during the TRIAL period no charge/payment will be made.
  • If the Customer unsubscribes after a monthly payment has been charged - the future automatic charge to Customer's payment method will be stopped but the validity of Customer's UgCS license code will remain till the end of the successfully paid period - the period stated in the Invoice.
Subscriptions are not refundable.

4. Delivery

4.1 Subscription
  • Before the payment Customer has to Sign Up for an ATLAS profile by providing email address and creating a login password.
  • Upon first login Customer will be prompted to create an Organisation.
  • After creating the Organisation customer will be forwarded to the pricing page of Subscription plans.
  • To start using ATLAS Customer has to subscribe for a plan.
  • If paid with a payment card or PayPal - the ATLAS functionality will be enabled right after the Subscription activation in case of TRIAL or successful payment, if TRIAL not applicable. The Customer will also receive an email notification as a validation that the Subscription is activated for TRIAL or an Invoice for a successful payment.
  • For TRIAL the first payment will be charged upon the ending of the 14day TRIAL period - as soon as the payment is processed the validity of the ATLAS plan will be extended for one month. After the successful payment, a purchase Invoice will be delivered to the Customer's email address associated with the payment method.
  • Before each following monthly recurring payments, the Customer will be notified 7 days before it and Customer's subscription will renew automatically, on the annual renewal date, until the Customer cancels the subscription = unsubscribes.
  • After each successful recurring payment, the validity of the ATLAS plan will be automatically extended for 1 month and an email notification with Purchase Invoice (PDF attachment) will be sent to the customer's email address associated with the payment method.
  • If the payment will be with no success - the Customer will receive a notification email and the validity of the ATLAS plan will not be extended. The Customer is obliged to take action and to check the used payment option's balance and validity. If paid with a payment card - the system will check the possibility of the payment 3 times each in 72 hours. After this period the ATLAS profile and Customers data will be accessible for 3 months, but there will be no option to use the functionality of ATLAS: upload, detector training, detection, creation of new users and organisation will be enabled until the payment for a subscription plan will be made. After 3 months without payment the Customer' s data will be deleted from Customer's ATLAS profile.

4.2. On-premises installation
The on-premises installation of ATLAS is delivered according to the Agreements made between SPH Engineering and Customer.

5. Taxes
All prices on atlas.ugcs.com are stated without Taxes/VAT.
If SPH Engineering has the legal obligation to pay or collect Taxes for which the Customer is responsible, the appropriate amount shall be invoiced to and paid by the Customer.
If the Customer provides a valid EU-VAT registration number into the purchase form on atlas.ugcs.com, the VAT will not be charged (0%). To check the validity of EU-VAT visit http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/
For Subscriptions
if the applicable VAT rate (or other included tax or duty) changes during the contract term, the tax-inclusive price will adjust accordingly.

6. Terms and Conditions of Use
6.1 These terms and conditions shall govern Customer's use of the services of SPH Engineering, including websites and platforms.
6.2 By using services provided by SPH Engineering, Customer accept these terms and conditions in full; accordingly, if Customer disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, Customer must not use the services of SPH Engineering.
6.3 If Customer register' s with services of SPH Engineering, it will be asked the Customer to expressly agree to these terms and conditions.
6.4 SPH Engineering's services uses cookies; by using our services or agreeing to these terms and conditions, Customer consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of SPH Engineering's Privacy Policy and Cooky Policy.
6.5 Customer may only use the services of SPH Engineering for Customer's own personal and business purposes, and Customer must not use our services for any other purposes.

7. Refund
The ATLAS Subscription is non-refundable.

8. Legal and contact information
Company Name: SIA “SPH Engineering", registration number 50103629321, official (legal) address: Dzirnavu street 62-9, Riga, LV1050, Latvia. Contact details of our representative: Janis Kuze, Sales Director, +371 25453422, privacy@ugcs.com.