ATLAS | Update 28.05.2020

The scheduled ATLAS maintenance is successfully completed implementing the following updates:

  • Slightly changed structure of Projects.

In future, a Project will consist of “Survey data” and “Vector data” sections.

“Survey data” leads to datasets with raw images and maps.
“Vector data” is for project-level technical drawings in DXF format.
The roll-out of “Vector data” section will be done in several days.

  • The section [Your project]->Survey data->[Your dataset]->Images is updated.
It enables to annotate data here and train the detectors on raw imagery

  • Added support for large maps. 
Now it’s possible to upload GeoTiffs larger than 5Gb to [Your project]->Survey data->[Your dataset]->Map

  • The upload in Images section of a Dataset is limited to JPG and PNG files only. 
This is because we noticed that some users try to upload large GeoTiff maps in this section

  • Improved Zoom function in Images section of a Dataset.
If you don’t detect any changes in your ATLAS, please Press Refresh (Ctrl+F5/cmd+R) in the browser.

If there are any issues with your ATLAS profile please let us know by sending a message to