Use Case | Monitoring of works through drone technology and an online artificial intelligence platform

Case studies
In these times when we must take care of COVID-19, it is necessary to implement work schemes that allow us to reduce the collection of information manually, reduce fieldwork and time, and guarantee an effective work for management and supervision of the works remotely, that is why, using the technology of unmanned aerial systems and ATLAS, an AI platform developed by SPH Engineering, G2 Ingenieria de México was able to establish an effective workflow. The company shares its experience in the construction of a Refuge for the protection of women and their children.

With a construction area of 2'347.98 square meters; which will include a parking area, administrative office area, 21rooms including disabled people, children's play area, toy library, gym, dining room, laundry area, office, healing office, orchard, half basketball court, multipurpose rooms.

The flight mission was planned and executed at a height of 60m to collect the necessary images to produce an orthomosaic and its corresponding digital elevation model, as there are preliminary excavations and fillings in the project. These products were uploaded to ATLAS.

Orthomosaic of the first flight

Elevation Model

Timeline to check each flight that was made, which allows us to have the history of the work

ATLAS allows uploading a project to have greater reference and ease of inspections according to the progress of the work, here is a project example and the first inspection to visualize the work areas for earthworks of an alternative project.


G2 Ingeniería para la Construcción S.A. / G2 Unmanned Aerial Systems S.C. (México)


Engineering for Construction, Supervision and Quality Control, Drone Services, Data Processing.



ATLAS allows G2 Ingenieria de México to process and store orthomosaics that are actually digital twins of the construction process in a given time on an online platform for control and monitoring of the works that reflect the progress the company is currently making and to be able to take corrective actions and/or preventive for future jobs.

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