eBook | ATLAS for Precision Agriculture
UAV & Satellite Data Analysis in Precision Agriculture
Farmers, agronomists, and researchers worldwide make their agribusiness more productive by using UAV surveys and satellite imagery to assess in-season crop health and identify problem areas for further crop scouting. However, this data then needs to be processed, analyzed, and stored. In the case of farms of dozens of hectares, we speak of studying 10+ GBs of data (or 1,700+ images). Manual analysis of this data is a time-consuming and inefficient process.

That is when ATLAS steps in. Powered by AI, it helps automate regular analytical tasks in precision farming, such as weed detection and crop scouting, among others, saving agricultural professionals time and money.

This eBook covers:
  • Why use AI in precision farming
  • What regular data analysis tasks can be automated
  • Examples and data sets of automated data processing in ATLAS
  • And more!
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Success story
Saving sugar beet from field dodder weeds
Learn how GeoScan IL significantly decreased human time investment in the process of inspection the large areas of beetroot in search of dodder weed